How do you keep yourself motivated?

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To all writers working on their first book - how do you keep yourself motivated?

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Making a habit of writing everyday regardless of motivation or desire. Just keep moving forward.

Post by Bethany »

Sometimes an accountability partner helps.

It depends on why the motivation is waning. Is it blocks? Burnout? Time constraints?

Every problem has a different solution.

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I made an outline. That seemed to help make things go smoother

Post by Alex »

I have to know the end of my book. If I do, I have this compulsion of writing until I write it. I love writing ends

Post by Andy »

It should be the idea that your writing about that should keep you motivated.

If it's not doing that, it's the wrong idea and so get one that you're more passionate about.

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It's difficult. I get frustrated with my own writing so I get discouraged a lot. So I look for small confidence boosts and so I found an app where I was able to start publishing my book a chapter at a time and the response I have gotten has been a huge confidence booster and helped me get excited for writing even though I'm working full time and attending school full time.

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The excitement never stops when writing. It's after the book's written that the motivation hits a snag. A few wobbles during production, then a series of existential crises when someone asks about marketing and promotion.

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I just tell myself I only have to write 50 words a day. It's really not a lot. Actually sitting down to write is usually the main hurdle with lack of motivation, so I usually write way more than 50 words as I get into it. But even if I only manage the 50, that's better than zero and I've accomplished my goal.

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I remember the words of my sister after she'd read, and SHREDDED, my WIP: "You're telling a good story. It needs to be out there." I remember the words of a young lady when I gave the elevator pitch outline of the story: "I'd read that." I remember that I'm having fun writing this story...overall.

It gets hard. It gets boring. There are days when what's coming off the end of the pen just doesn't make sense; it's garbage. On those days I remember, and I just stop for the day, so as to tackle it again tomorrow. But always, I remember that there are those who are interested.

Besides, I HATE leaving something unfinished, so never underestimate the power of mulish stubbornness and pure spite.

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I go back over original notes often, to keep track of where I want to go and find my inspiration. I try and get up early and write before I get the rest of my day started. I know I want to actually say I finished a book so that is my main motivation. Also, my brain is crammed with ideas for the other books in the series. If I want to get to those, I have to do the dredge work first.

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