What “speed bumps” have you encountered?

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At what stage of your book writing process are you now? What “speed bumps” have you encountered?

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Lost my motivation.

Post by Izzi »

My only speed bump is real light. I have a business to run and a house to build. These eat up a lot of time.

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I’m working on my second draft. Currently the biggest issues are time and probably changing too much too fast. I essentially rewrote my entire first act

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My speed bumps are me starting new projects.. I have finished a book in a series / halfway through the second but in between I’ve started the prequel … got to get back to the first book and start the editing process again (on its 2/3rd edit now) before I send to a professional. I love the creative process … just not the editing

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I am trying to just get the stories on paper. I’m struggling with connecting everything together right now. So I am just getting the stories of my life written out. I figured the second draft would be about connecting them all together.
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