My PE who doesnt eat meat has started eating cured meats!

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Curious to save my sanity!

My PE who doesn't eat meat has started eating cured meats (HURRAY!). Downfall is they can't have spots in them. Ie. Kolbassa =peppercorns, summer sausage (mustard seeds). I am standing here with a toothpick picking it out. She will also only eat them in shapes but that's a different story.

Anyone seen these without the seasoning or a better way of plucking the darn things out. Please tell me I'm not alone :lol:!

Picture of her star shape kolbassa with no 'black spots'

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Maybe a “hotdog” rather than a sausage. Hotdogs tend to be more uniform and don’t have visible spots or anything. I know they’re a little more processed but maybe you can the the healthiest one you can find?

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I mean I’m not surprised at all. My kid would be the same way if she ate that. She only eats one certain kind of lunch meat ham with no “spots”. Can you pick something without? Otherwise, I’d be doing what you are.
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