My 1 year old has turned into an awful eater

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All he wants is cheese and breads. He gets 3 cups of milk AFTER meals but for instance this was his dinner (chicken, cheese, pita & fruit) and all he ate was cheese and pita!

Am I suppose to just accept it for what it is and do milk before bed?

This makes me so sad..

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Food strikes are very common at a year and are part of development. Our little ones don't have much control over their lives and food is one thing they can control. The best way to get through it is to try to share the control. It's up to you when he eats and what is offered. Include a safe food. It's up to him what he chooses off his tray to eat and how much. Making him eat only what you decide is you demanding control which will be met with push back and catering to preferences only gives him all the control which is a bad habit to start and break.

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The appetite might fluctuate (due to teething for example). Keep offering, exposure is the most important. I also have a 1 year old and there are days when she eats a lot and days when she doesn't. I usually also experiment with shapes also (give her small pieces or bigger pieces that she can bite into). As my pediatrician says: our role is to offer.
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