My 4 year old daughter doesn't like beef, chicken, fish or any veggies yet

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Hi everyone.. My 4 year old daughter loves to eat sweet foods especially fruits like berries, green grapes, red grapes and apples.

 She also likes sweet cereals, waffles, and snacks like honey grahams, teddy grahams, and goldfish.

She doesn't like beef, chicken, fish or any veggies yet.

I try to balance out her meals.

For example the new food I have been introducing her to is chopped Italian sausage which my mom made, this week.

I have put it on her plate with a serving of fruit and have usually served it along side a hot dog.

Also I had served her peas to eat one time which she usually likes, but she didn't want any and after she was done eating the other foods I served she said she was all done.

When my daughter says no and doesn't want to eat the new food, usually I ask her if she wants to give it back to me. If she is comfortable touching the food. Usually she is and gives it to me to eat.

When your child says no and refuses to try the new food, what is the best response to say? Do you just have them leave it on the plate, and eat something else on their plate instead?

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If they want to leave it, fine. If they want it off their plate, use a no thank you plate or let them give it to you. Basically follow their lead and say nothing negative about them not trying it.

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I just say okay.. and let them eat whatever else is on the plate no pressure if they don’t try it when I want them too
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