Can anyone tell me what to use on the armpit area of my sons t.shirts?

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Hi, this is money saving if I don’t have to buy new t.shirts. Can anyone tell me what to use on the armpit area of my sons t.shirts.

Some of them are starting to crease and harden and they are all fairly new. I’m trying to stop it before they are ruined. Sorry if this sounds gross but I’m out of ideas now, I’ve tried Fairy liquid, stain remover and even Elbow grease but has made no difference.

Any ideas anyone?

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Spray/aerosol deodorants seem to cause this on clothes. As others suggest, maybe he should try another deodorant or ensure spray deodorant is dry before putting on any clothes.

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The Dr Beckmann stain remover above, my sons T.Shirts do this and it’s the only thing that works

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White vinegar in your wash will stop this happening.

Put some on neat to break this down for the first wash..should be fine then..don't worry it doesn't smell on your clothes after..xx

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He might want to change his deodorant as that could be the cause of it .

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Soak them in white vinegar and soda crystals overnight and then a 60°C wash if suitable.

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Changed my deodorant to one that doesn't stain clothes. I have some t shirts/tops I have had multiple years now that have no sign of hardenedvfabric staining etc. Used to be lucky if they lasted a season. Save the planet by re using clothes and also saved my bank balance.

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Change deodorant. I had this I am now allergic to most generic named brands and use a more natural deodorant it doesn't stain at all. White vinegar may help I scrubbed with a toothbrush to get in and properly loosen up material with washing up liquid then dip in white vinegar

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It'll be interesting to see what the suggestions are as a lot of my t shirts are the same (guess that's the downside of making them last so long).

I've tried vanish OXI action etc but to no avail. I haven't tried a hotter wash yet in combination with something else so I'll have to give that a go

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My husband's work t-shirts are the same they go hard and change colour in the armpit area ruined so many tops n iv tried white vinegar , apple cider vinegar , everything you could think of
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