Rent a flat or a shelter accommodation for elderly?

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Hello, I need advise. My parents have been in search of accommodation. They applied for social housing  and were on the waiting list.

We meet a private land who was happy to rent a flat to them.

The price was above budget but they agreed to take it as there was no alternative.

The flat is also ia a desired town. Yesterday , we got an offer from the council offering them a shelter accommodation for elderly. It is a 1 bedroom bungalow. The price is cheaper and but the bungalow is located about 8 miles from the town.

The private landlord also mentioned at a time that she plans on selling the block of flats in about a year time.

We are  confused regarding which is best. We need advise on the pros and cos of social and privately rented accommodation.

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Got to go with sheltered accommodation especially if landlord is selling up in a year they won't want the stress again & i'm sure they'll be buses they can jump onto if they are that far from town

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Sheltered housing 100% as there is support available if needed to call upon. Also, if health declines there is the support there to help with the processes needed to get additional support/ advice etc.

Also social housing bungalows are like hens teeth, unlikely to get offered another any time soon.

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Definitely accept the social housing. They'll have the security. If the landlord has said they will be selling in the near future, your parents may not get offered another properly off the council for a long time. I think our local council dither takes you off the list or puts you back to the bottom if you refuse 3 offers of a property .

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Sheltered housing- not sure where you are based but places are hard to get and bungalows even more so - and your parents must have difficulties if they’ve been offered a place there

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Social housing 100%more secure
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