Want to get your thoughts on this Wild deodorant I’ve seen about online

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Claiming that regular deodorants cause blocked pores, itching and actually make things worse?! And that theirs does the opposite whilst also sporting compostable refills etc

I’m all for being a bit more ECO but wanted to know if anyones actually tried and tested or is it just marketing hype?

Also unsure I want to try a brand that doesn’t know the difference between “you’re” and “your” but hey if it works it works!


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Try 'salt of the earth' classic (can buy on amazon). That thing is magic and lasts forever

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I tried it and it didn't work for me at all. Permanently felt damp (gross I know) and also felt like I smelt..hubby said I didn't

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I follow a girl on insta she said it was awful. She said she smelt awful. Supposedly you are meant to stick with it for a few weeks before it really starts to work. I haven't tried it myself though. She was the only 1 I knew that wasn't being paid to say it was good so interested to hear also

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I have been using it since June and it’s been fine for me . I didn’t even have that transition period of my body getting used to it .I’ve had no problems with sweating or stinking as I used Bioten and I stank .I used to use Mitchum roll on .I have been diagnosed with BC but using normal AP had nothing to do with it .I found it more gentler on the skin for me now

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I haven't used Wild but I tried Native (similar product). Wasn't cheap, £24 for 3 stick deodorants. I was worried that as they weren't anti perspiration that they wouldn't work for me...I was right. Smelled lovely when first on, scent quickly disappeared and didn't last all day as claimed. By the end of the day I actually stunk! I still have 2 of them as I refuse to chuck them out. And they went on easily, but because there aren't stabilisers in it I found if you applied even a little too much it would clump and crumble under your arms

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I have recently started to use this and I have found it FAB! Having always used antiperspirant sprays was dubious about this however found that it goes on lovely feels dry and keeps fresh all day! A couple of friends have just starting using this too and are also getting on well! I say go for it!
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