UK question: What documents are needed when claiming unemployment benefits?

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My friend has lost her job and is worried that she would be accused of benefit fraud because she just split up with a boyfriend who earns quite well and their finances still appear to be joint: the mortgage, joint bank account, etc.

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If they live together, share bills etc then they need to be on a joint claim.

If she's moved out, and nothing shared then she can make a single claim.

If they've split up then why would she want to carry on using a joint bank account?

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Own bank account, barcleys were really good as I walked out of a DA relationship and they set up a basic single account.

Get your name taken off all joint bills so you are not liable for them.

We had a joint mortgage, he bought me out they were aware of this.

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Get her own bank account pronto

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She won't be able to claim if she doesn't have her own bank account

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Well she needs her own bank account in her own name not joint and everything else needs to be in her own name not joint
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