My other half is trying to insure his car for the next year.

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Car Insurance
My other half is trying to insure his car for the next year.

Had a head on collision on a country lane whilst towing a water trailer and the insurance company said that no one was at fault because it was a country lane on a blind corner.

Apparently the claim is still not settled 7 months later. The other driver received their new car because their car was written off.

However my other half can’t insure his car because no insurance companies want to take on the claim.

What can he do?

His insurance company are waiting on dash cam footage from the other driver at the moment? Is it usual for it to take this long?

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Keep chasing your insurance company. They should be chasing the other party for the footage or they have to pay out. You should still be able to insure the car as long as you declare the accident. You don’t have to stay with your current provider as they will still keep the case going even if you move from them.

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No new insurance company would take over the claim. The claim stays with the insurance company who had the policy at the time to the accident. Regardless of fault you have to declare the accident and in my experience it doesn’t really make a difference who was at fault. Your premiums still go up.

Also it wouldn’t be ‘no one at fault’ it would be classed as 50/50 and each insurer would bare their own costs. So the other drivers insurer will probably paid out for his car and your husbands insurance should be paying out for your husbands repairs / new vehicle.

You will have to use a price comparison site and just enter the accident with as much details as possible. Date, type, cost etc.

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Once you have a acident even if its not your fault like we did it goes on the data base for all companys to see . My insurance has gone from 250 to 500 . 34 yrs driving never had a acident . I rang the claims line and asked for it to be removed from the database they sd no cos it happend ,, no damage to either cars

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Still waiting for my other half's claim to be settled from June 2019. Liability is in dispute and the other insurers (AXA) stopped replying after a few months. Our insurance recently sent the claim to a recovery company who are now taking them to court. Funny thing is they could reply about my injury payment as a passenger but not to his insurance directly.
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