Could you please recommend a good eye test service

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Hello everyone, Could you please recommend a good eye test service. My husband eye sight has gotten worse and worse. He can get a voucher for specsavers from his work but reading the recommendations here apparently is not worth getting it there.

By the way what is the waiting time for NHS and is it free ?

Hope someone who has done an eye test recently can provide an useful advice.

Thank you all!

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It really depends on the opticians themselves with Specsavers. I know of really good ones and again, really bad ones. Enquire locally.

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Specsavers! They are brilliant and I’ve also had excellent service there, most especially at Specsavers in Straiton

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I personally don't like Specsavers though many do. I believe certain medical conditions and people in receipt of some benefits receive a free eye test and a voucher towards the cost of specs... I don't know much more but I am sure it will all be online info if you check.

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I had an appointment Saturday. Hadn’t been for many years.. I was happy with the £1 reading glasses for the last few years.

From booking the appointment to choosing my glasses (buy 1 get one free) was an easy process.

I had the eye test and the 3d scan and they had a special offer £20.

Hopefully the new glasses will be good.

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I think you could get your test done at Specsavers but you don't have to purchase any of the glasses as with your prescription you could get them from somewhere else but I might be wrong x

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Any optician wether its a chain store like specsavers or a local independent will all provide similar services as the opticians have to be GOC registered, will have to keep doing CET training and logs in order to practice. Personally for me it depends on the extras they offer- for example u have had issues with pain at the back of my eye, so I went to specsavers to gey an OCT scan as part of my test as they were the cheapest in the area to offer this service, this scans the retina layers which the opticians look at but this gives an actual copy of the scan in my records so next time they have something to compare against. I've worked in both chains and independents when I was younger so know a bit about the processes and regulations

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Ive been with specsavers for over 30 years never had a problem I had cataract surgery a couple of years ago again they were brilliant my husband jioned them after he had had both his cataracts done hes had no problems with specsavers either
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