How to get rid of the smell of milk from a car?

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Milk leaked a week ago on my floor at the back of my car I scrubbed with carpet and fabric cleaner and sprayed an room spray and I’ve tried bicarbonate of soda anything else that will complete get rid of the smell?

Post by Victoria »

Mine spilt in the boot in summer. Took me months to get rid of smell. Tried everything , in the end zoflora saved the day. Now I hate the smell of zoflora

Post by Carrie »

Not the same but when my son was sick, clean up and the bicarbonate of soda all over and just leave to sit for as long as you can /until smell goes. For me that was 18 hours hoovered then I put a load more down and left 24 hours and literally cannot smell a thing..

Post by Nicky »

This happened to me a few years ago and i contacted Tesco to complain that their faulty milk carton had caused this problem, it was drivingme mad!! They sent me a voucher to get the car valeted! Result:)

Worth a try ? A well worded email to your local store with a copy of the receipt if you have it stating that you are a regular customer but have been inconvenienced by this problem.......

Good luck:)
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