Can anyone recommend an inexpensive to put up solar outside light that we can put up over our back door?

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I’ve been looking at some but now read reviews that they are very bright and we only have a small garden and don’t want to pee off the neighbours if it’s overkill.

Already at that stage when my kids come home from their dads and it’s getting dark, don’t want to drill if possible and must be one that goes overhead so we can find key/lock in a month’s time

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We just got a small one to light up the porch door when you step into the area from b&m for £5, battery operated though and only change batteries twice a year

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We got a Black & Decker battery powered dome shaped sensor light from b&m, for over our back door.

I think it was £10 and the batteries last ages.

It’s a nice light, that’s fairly contained, but gives a lovely amount of light, if that makes sense?!
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