How Well Does Rock Salt Work?

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Rock Salt.. I have tried this rock salt method for removing moisture and it works for me. Rock salt will pull moisture out of the air and decrease humidity.

How Well Does Rock Salt Work?

Rock salt is highly effective for dehumidifying. Rock salt or NaCl is a hygroscopic material, meaning it both draws and stores water and works much like an electric humidifier. It's natural, non-toxic, cheap, easy to find, and easy to work with—not to mention, no electricity is needed!

For those who cant afford a humidifier.

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Keep meaning to do this instead of buying them, does it have to be a shallow container?? what about an empty plant pot holder or vase? Thanks

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As rock salt breaks down after absorbing water the residue is pretty corrosive, as I found out to my cost. Ensure it's in a good plastic container.

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Just make sure it’s in a container as it is caustic and not ideal where kids can access it

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Any salt works. I remember my parents using bowl or plain old table salt. It works with paint smells too if you’re decorating
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