I'm trying to understand dehumidifiers, the different types, the various additional facilities that some have and which

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The more I Google and the more "Dehumidifiers explained" pages I read the more confused I am getting.

I live in a small 2 story house and Ideally want something that's economical to run but can be left running 24/7 if needed, will dry washing and pump out warm air (want to try to avoid or at least limit GCH usage) and not cost me a fortune to buy (budget £150-£200).

Also need one that will work if the temp drops below 15 degrees and would like it to have an air purifier and a timer.

Any advice would be much appreciated thank you..

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I do believe after doing plenty of research on them, that as the dehumidifier is pulling moisture out of environment then effectively will/should warm

Up the room it’s in

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I have a dehumidifier. It’s off. It was expensive to run and certainly didn’t heat anything.
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