I have an ongoing issue with my council, regarding the property we rent from them

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Afternoon All. I have an ongoing issue with my council, regarding the property we rent from them. 12 months ago, we had a leak in our bathroom that went through to the living room ceiling below. Upon the contractors investigation, they found that it was asbestos.

They council then sent out the specialist contractor to cut a section out of the ceiling and then to re-plaster it. They then said they could not patch it up and that the whole ceiling would need to be replaced. Now that I have made an official complaint to the council, regarding how long it has been left, they have now turned around and said it can be just cut out and patched up. That was what the specialist company have told me this afternoon.

My only concern is that this is not safe, as they told us that it was not an option before. Also, that because of the type of asbestos that is in the property, the room will not have to be sealed off, but only items of furniture and carpet will need to be covered.

I am looking for advice from anyone that has had dealings with asbestos / contractors and can advise on this matter before I let them go ahead with the work.

Thanks in advance

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Take a look at the Health and safety executive (HSE) website. There is lots of free to download guidance on asbestos.

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If that was me I would be asking council to provide similar sized property and move out. They should sort it when nobody living there.

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By cutting out a patch they have disturbed it so the whole ceiling will need to be taken down and replaced. Do not stand for them patching it in - I can't believe they would even suggest that!!
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