Which deodorant is best for females?

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I’ve been using natural deodorant for a about 3 years, first NATIVE but it stopped shipping to the UK unfortunately, then WILD which was quite good but got a few marks on clothes then I heard about FUSSY.

I have to say I actually smell (not in a good way!). Fussy said it can take some time to adjust but I’m not new to natural ones and been using fussy for 2 months, my clothes even smell now.

I think I’m going to just go bk to normal deodorant unless there’s any other recommendations? Or a natural kind of spray one (if they even exist).

Please help I smell.

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I buy the natural ones in TK Maxx. They’re always waaaay cheaper than any I’ve found online and always contain absolutely 0% crap

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Mitchum rarely need, rarely smell. Avoid any aluminium deodorants wash easy morning and seem to need less the less you use

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My boyfriend and I both use Ben and Anna deo ( the brown one which is a unisex fragrance). It works great but on really hot days it can leave grease marks on my clothes, it's basically body butter with baking powder in which is like wild I think.

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Tropic have an amazing deodorant. I react to all shop bought ones but not tropic, never smell either and it lasts ages!
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