Seeing a lot of people worried about drying clothes and energy prices throughout the winter

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I know not all will have this space, hopefully some food for thought- heres my winter set up for a family of 5/6. 2 loads all hung yesterday afternoon and as you can see apart from towels used this morning all dry and ready to iron. I always put it in an extra spin to get as much water out as possible.

I'm sure it would dry much quicker when the heating is on!

I left the bathroom window open to circulate some air, closed early evening.

I've never had an issue with mould or damp and never had any need for dehumidifiers etc although I know my house is newbuild and some older style properties may suffer if not aired correctly..

Hope this helps

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I have a wider 3 tier airer in the same spot & it’s brill for drying clothes. It fits a full 10kg wash & is dry in less than a day. It’s the best spot as all the downstairs heat rises & it’s also got loads of space for air circulating compared to any of the rooms. I actually gave my tumble drier away about 3/4 years ago as we were using the airer so much & I don’t miss it.

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Never thought of the little hangers over the banisters.

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I dunno why our house is so damp.. windows covered in condensation in the morning already and it is not even cold yet.

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I bought some extendable shower rails and put them down the stair case. It’s really warm up there and dries twice as fast as clothes on the airer

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My mum am talking 60 odd years ago now used to hang her sheets over the top bannister. Mind you we lived in mid terraced house, just coal fire but think was insulated both sides by the other houses. My aunty who lived with us used to dry iron things whilst quite damp still then they went on maid around the fire to finish off! Not sure this is at all helpful just bought back a family memory and a smile growing up then.
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