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I know airports are struggling in Europe right now - has anyone had issues with connecting flights? (Flying to rome in October - don’t have tickets yet).

Post by Randy »

Just flew into Rome last week, flew into Albania from Rome, then back to rome again a couple of days ago. Everything was great. Had one delay for 30 minutes leaving Albania.

Post by Tara »

Flew direct to Rome from Chicago. Arrival was a piece of cake. In and out in 30 minutes, with luggage. Flying out of Rome was a bit chaotic. Long lines but flight was on time. O’Hare was a complete disaster on the other hand.

Post by Victoria »

Flew from Minneapolis to Amsterdam. Also took additional flights to Copenhagen, Dublin and Venice. Zero issues. BUT that was heavily due to not having luggage. The luggage lines were crazy, luggage everywhere in baggage claim and chaos. If you can do a carry on then you’re good!

The flight departing the US was the only delayed one!

Post by Teresa »

Just got back from Scotland. Flew direct from Chicago into Edinburgh with no problems. Breezed right in but the lines back into Chicago was a nightmare! No problem with flights though.

Post by Liza »

We didn't have issues two weeks ago but it's really hit or miss. Who knows what the labor situation is when you go?
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