Need help regarding funding, I have contacted my council and no help!

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I home ed two of my three children. The 13 year old got bullied so bad that her social anxiety is so bad that she will throw up if we go out in public. I have tried so many free counselling services and no luck. I found this national recognised course called " BHS changing lives through horses" its designed to help children with disabilities or mental health needs with confidence and moving forward in life...

BAD NEWS its £70 per day two days a week. The man told me I should be able to get funding for it... But no luck so far. I really want my happy girl back and I will do everything I can for her. I'm going to be stopping any subscriptions and my phone and other things to pay for it for now, but I really need help with funding in the long run x any ideas?

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Does she have an echp? In some circumstances you could get funding via that. It's very handy to have even if you are home educating.

Also consider applying for dla if her needs are that beyond those of a "normal" child.

Also you can apply for support through your local council, in the form of disability aid, you just need to be assessed first.

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What about some of the local charities May fund some of it. Rotary is a good one as very involved to help people with difficulties. Good luck

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I am not sure which area you are in but a lot of facilitators in equine learning have part funded or funded sessions for children who can't afford to access horses through grants such as Kent Equine Facilitated Learning near Dartford but there are centres all around the country who offer horse sessions to help with anxiety or other issues. Some get council funding for childrens mental health and wellbeing.It maybe worth researching in your local area.

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How about young mental health group usually called young minds, they wouldn't fund individual things when they fund a lot of charities, you could crowdfund tho. Otherwise also contact support worker, or gp to signpost other orgs, give mind a call too.
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