I need reward chart ideas please for a 5 and 6 yr old

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What do you all reward your kids with?... I don't want to reward them with sweets every week or a cheap toys that breaks after 5 seconds but need a cheap alternative to letting them pick a expensive toy every week thanks in advance.

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We have a star chart with a list of things on that we would like them to do. We give a star each Sunday of they have done the task each week. Tasks are like homework done, tidy room each day. When they have full star chart (40 stars) they choose a gift...normally about £30-£35

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We do packs of stickers, pot of playdoh, yoto cards, sweets, pens, pencils, second hand stuff obtained from friends / buy nothing. Anything I can get my hands on for £5 or less. (All far less than a fiver other than the yoto cards, but I like her getting those, I'm less keen on the other things).

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Coins, my 5 year old twins got bored of the sticker charts etc so we switched to Coins for their money boxes and when they are full up they can choose what ever they like/ can afford from the shop or do an activity.

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My 4 year old has a sticker chart. It has enough squares on it that it takes a few weeks to fill up and then I give her a reward of my choosing. Various things so far like sticker book, headband, dvd.

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We do sticker charts, and they have to have a certain amount of stickers and get to choose the reward, doesn’t always have to be a toy or sweet, sometime we do hot chocolates or moves or things like that like for example the treat for my kids tonight will be having hot chocolate and marshmallows, for doing well all week at school, not from a cafe, stuff I have at home. And they love it. It’s something they can look forward to
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