Is there any such thing as pay as you go anymore?

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I’ve been to the shop this morning to get my son a pay as you go sim card. The were all monthly plans. Where so I get one from? Which is the best for my money?

Can I top up from home (maybe via mobile) or do I have to top up at the shop.


Post by Beki »

Tesco do the PAYG triple credit thing. And the monthly packs. The packs or a contract will likely be cheaper though.

Post by Andrew »

It’s still pay as you go you just buy ten quid or more worth of credit then select a plan for the month. If you don’t then they’ll just charge you per call/text data till the credits gone

Post by Debbie »

3 do a proper pay as you go. I got the sim cards from argos. As long as they do something that costs every 6 months you don't have to pay just for the privilege of having it. Can top up through the app.

Post by Charlie »

They are still pay as you go it's just a monthly allowance plan it gives you more minutes data and texts for your money. You can top up the same way, via voucher, online or phone. I'd recommend voxi personally have been using them for years now fantastic amount of data etc for the price

Post by Jenny »

Asda do a proper PAYG but we have just had an email to say they are more than doubling the rates from the 26th September. 1p Mobile also do a traditional PAYG (1p per text, 1p per MB and 1p per minute) - after the first year you do need to top up at least £10 every 120 days but that is quite a bit cheaper than most bundles. Most of the other providers seem to require you to buy monthly bundles rather than doing a proper PAYG offer.
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