How I can fill my days better?

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Tips for new things to try…

I’m a mummy to 3 beautiful children and have a partner who works full-time.

Currently I can’t seem to find a job that fits in with term times, school drop offs and pick ups, college times etc. I keep applying with no luck!

So basically I spend most of my time at home on my own cleaning, washing, applying for numerous jobs!

We only have one car so I can’t get out and about and can’t really afford to keep using the bus.

I don’t have any friends, my family work and have their own lives so it’s just me.

As much as it’s nice to have your own company it’s starting to feel really lonely and everyday is the same and I feel like I just don’t have a purpose anymore.

I used to work 60hr weeks working with autism and mental health, managing residential homes and I loved it and the challenge and everyday was so different.

I like to get the end of the day and feel like I’ve achieved something…

So cast any judgements aside and please throw me some ideas of how I can fill my days better.


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Volunteer - I puppy raise for guide dogs, but there are various volunteering opportunities

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How about asking your kids school if they would like a volunteer to listen to readers, sort library etc...?

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Being a parent is hard enough without giving yourself grief. Schools usually like help with reading etc because you have children in school try theirs first, (most do have to do background check ups but very pain free). Plus once you have a foot in the door you might be in the right place for any jobs, because working at a school you’d also have same holidays.

I know volunteering doesn’t put funds in your pocket, but it is worthwhile, plus your heating etc isn’t being used.

It doesn’t have to be a school, hospitals, care homes, even charity shops are all begging for help

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Volunteering a great way to get out & meet people and you sound like you have an amazing set of skills, the gym is also an amazing way to pass time,meet people and generally feel good about yourself. Although can be pricey but even maybe just once a week go to have a swim it's just a change of scenery.

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Become a childminder... you will never be bored or on your own again. No seriously I felt the same lost my purpose no jobs suited. I actually did become a childminder and really do love it
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