The weather is starting to get colder

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Seeing as the weather is starting to get colder, my daughters nursery have asked that children in the baby unit that can walk are sent in with socks and shoes so they can still go in the garden.

For ones that aren't, could they have a waterproof all-in-one so they can still crawl around.

My daughter is 10 months but she's tall, does anyone know of anywhere that sells a reasonably priced all-in-one that has feet for age 12-18 months, don't want 9-12 or she'll be in it for 5 seconds.

All the ones I've seen don't have feet or aren't waterproof.

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I literally searched everywhere for this as my son was late to walk and the only place I found bigger suits with feet was mountain warehouse!

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Sometimes lidl or Aldi have in the waterproof dungarees which have elastic straps at the bottom to put over shoes or wellies. They a great job and can get waterproof coat forover the top too. Know its not all in 1 but still an option.

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I would probably just get a puddlesuit and some soft first walker shoes (asda do them) as the baby snowsuits with feet aren't usually fully waterproof as aren't really intended for a baby to be on the floor in them (worked in many nurseries with babies and we would definitely say the puddlesuits are more suitable than the baby snowsuits)

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Primark have these in for the small kids it comes with a waterproof jacket aswell ( also wearing in picture) for £20 my daughter has the 2.3 years on as she is big for 1 but they did smaller this was in the baby section and also in blue and you could just put some booties on with it
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