My pup is 5 years old she is bulldog and pit mix

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Nothing in her food has changed since I got her and nothing in her surrounding areas have changed recently. She just started licking and chewing her paws it is so bad and scratching her face and belly all raw what can I do to help I have bathed her everything. her paws are becoming swollen.

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The majority of allergies in dogs are NOT food, they are environmental. I'd start with wiping off her paws after her trips outside and talk to your vet about what you can give for the itch during season changes and high pollen counts.

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It could be environmental allergies. I thought it was food allergies and tried changing many things for my 14 year old Indie (shih tzu), none of which worked. Took her to the vet who diagnosed her with environmental allergies. A few weeks of medicated shampoos and a daily dose of Apoquel (for life) and no more itching and chewing. Best to see your vet for a proper diagnosis. Good luck with your sweet pup.
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