The dog sounds miserable

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Sorry this is long, but when do you put a dog down that has cancer?

Backstory: I moved in with my boyfriend about 5 years ago. He has 2 dogs and a cat. I brought a cat and my ex took our 2 dogs when we split up. I never had a pet growing up until the cat which is now 17 years old.

 Current story: For about 3 months my boyfriend’s female dog has been sick off and on. Won’t eat for days, laying around, throwing up what smells like literal poop. I thought it was an intestinal blockage just from googling that last symptom (yea, I know Google isn’t a vet) because she will sneak eating cat poop out of the litter box. Two times the vet said it was pancreatitis. The third time the vet said to go somewhere else because she was out and very sick herself. Well, that vet discovered a large malignant tumor (I’m not even sure what or where exactly), but it IS partially blocking her intestines. It’s incurable, inoperable, nothing we can do to treat it.

So, now I’m cold and heartless because I feel like every time she looks at me she is begging me to put her out of her misery. My boyfriend is VERY emotionally attached to his pets, so keeps saying it’s not the right time yet. He keeps getting her nausea pills, prednisone, cooking her boiled chicken/broth, giving her puréed food every time she stops eating. She lays around all the time. Does she run in the backyard for a just few minutes still, yes. Does she get off the couch and get excited when he comes home, yes. Does she like to go on a short walk, yes. Is she happy to ride in the car to the vet, yes. Is she happy to see other people at the vet, yes. All these yeses are only sometimes. She is just not herself anymore. I can hear her poor little tummy or intestines making noise off and on all night. The other night she couldn’t even get comfortable or lay down until 2 in the morning!

This is causing quite a rift between us because he thinks I just don’t love animals since I haven’t had many and I think he is being selfish keeping her alive because he doesn’t want her to not be here anymore. The vet is telling him to keep enjoying her. I have a friend that specifically does in-home care to help your pet go peacefully and she says the dog sounds miserable. I don’t know what to do or say. Well, if you made it this far - what would YOU do?

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I just recently started watching videos on Insta from this animal communicator, NikkiVasconez.. this is exactly what she talks about when she communicates with them. She gives advice on just this situation... she actually says that... your pets let you know with certain signs..

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The best advice I received on this matter was from our vet when we were making this very hard decision for our elderly sick dog. She said to make a list of your dogs favorite things at the peak of their life. Things that got them excited- treats, going for a walk, meal time, playing with a toy…

When you feel like they are down to just one or so of those things, the quality of their life is no longer there.

With that being said, it’s your boyfriends choice but maybe have that discussion with him and see if that’s something he agrees with. What is his guidelines? Have the discussion on a good day for the dog, so he can make a less emotional decision.

I personally am so thankful for the option to euthanize, when your pet is suffering. It’s so peaceful and in my experience, our vet and staff were so respectful and kind during the process. I’m sure your vet would be willing to discuss what it would look like there if/when y’all are ready to move forward. Hugs!

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Better to be put down a day early than a day late- for that means they were allowed to suffer. It’s ok for them to go out on a good day rather than the worst day of their life. Remind your boyfriend that dogs live in the moment. They don’t look forward to Christmas. Can’t understand why they are in pain and that can be frightening to you them. But lead into these compassion for them both. Have the vet speak to him about what he feels is his quality of life.
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