My Alstralian Shepherd has a strange cough that sounds like a honk then choking

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We've adopted an eight year old Alstralian Shepherd from the original owner. He has a strange cough that sounds like a honk then choking.

My vet tried steroids and now we are trying Benadryl and Omeprazole.

The previous vet thought it was a habit.

I don't think the cough is too bothersome. What does concern me is he has intermittent heavy panting not related to anything.

I appreciate any advice.

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Has he been checked for heart worms?

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I was thinking collapsed trachea, I’ve read that their throat can sound like a honking noise. Not sure what treatment is, but that is a real thing that can happen to dogs.

Goodluck to you, hopefully the vets find the right diagnosis and get them treated whatever that may be..

Ps I don’t know if you already know this, but panting can mean besides being hot, the dog is stressed out, in pain, or has to poop .. It sounds from your story your dog is in pain and panting.

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I would have them check his heart! My dog had a weird sounding cough and turns out he has a heart murmur now is on meds 2x daily and the cough has gone away

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Collapsed treachia- this can happen from tugging or being dragged with a collar on...using a harness is much safer..the treach in their throat is very fragile..I'm surprised vet didn't immediately check that 1st..good luck I hope all works out... ( it can also be caused from swelling of the hart, it happen to our beagle)
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