Why does my cat act crazy when I go to bed?

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So I'm not exactly sure what to think about this one..

So I have a 2 year old black cat Hades.

He does this thing when I'm trying to sleep he will stand over my feet and drool and then start licking my feet.. almost every single night for the last 3 months and I'm so confused. Like why? I just I wear socks and my shoes don't smell I even started washing my own feet and he's such a pervert idk why he keeps doing it?

Honestly I have no idea if it's a health or mental thing I just need some advice!

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Feel special. All cats have the ability to drool but they only do it when severely happy, comfortable, and I cat love with a person. If he is doing it when sniffing your feet at night only over the last several months think if anything happened like a storm new barking dog in area etc. Cats will come sniff your sent gland areas and your breath to feel comfort when uneasy or just lonely.

Medically sometimes it can be a starting sign of something wrong as well. Oral cavities, absesses, things lodged in throat like string, and oral cancers can make a cat exhibit drooling/drooling more out of nowhere.

As long as no medical factors are to blame chances are you just make your cat feel comfortable and safe... that is a good thing no matter the ew. Lol he is a beautiful cat. my boy dorian who is now over the rainbow Bridge was black and beautiful and a drooling.. monster. Lol He would only drool on me of course. He would only drool on others if I was petting him and he was in the cuddle happy zone. Lol

Good luck I hope you figure out a solution that works for you. Generally speaking adding scents to your feet may make it worse. Lol they will want to rub/lick it off to get to your scent. Then you get cats like my current black goof of a cat luffy who want to lick off anything.. I know cats are weird.

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My little old lady cat, she insisted on licking me. I think it was her way of putting me to bed at night. My nightly bath. She cleaned my shoulder, my forehead, the back of my neck. She tried cleaning my hair but it was too long. I would wake during the night. When I would get back in bed she started this again. After just over 20 years this stopped, a few short days later she crossed rainbow bridge.

Why she was doing this I think it started as a need for mineral and salt then it became habit. Find a good quality salt and add a tiny bit to the kitty food or even beneficial bacteria like probiotics and Fortaflora. This may help.

It has been 3 months with out those annoying baths but what I would give up for even just one more nightly bath.

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That would make me crazy but it could be worse. I once had a cat that would sneak up on me while I was sleeping and scratch my face. I tried locking her out of my room but she'd throw her whole body against the door while loudly screaming like a banshee. I lived in an apartment and the neighbors would certainly have complained. It was embarrassing going to work with cat scratches on my face. People thought I was nuts for keeping her, but kept her I did. Over time, the nighttime attacks lessened until they faded away.
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