Arthritis as he ages

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Friends, I am needing some advice.

Last month, my boyfriend and I adopted a pup from a shelter. He is now 8 months old. I work at an E.R vet, for context.

After taking him home, we and several others close to us noticed some lameness in his front right leg. I took him to my vet, we did radiographs, and one of the Urgent care docs noticed what looks like arthritis.

So we put him on a short round of gabapentin and carprofen and waited to see if it helped. I’ve already got him on large breed puppy food, put him on probiotics and a joint supplement (dasuquin advanced) and take him on slower, controlled and often shorter walks(much to his dislike).

It is now 3 weeks later. I’ve re consulted with my urgent care doctors, and just today have had a consult with the in house surgeon. The conclusive, inconclusive summary is that while it is not a great amount of arthritis now, that our best guess is he may have fragmented/sharp edges in the joint of his elbow that is causing his pain and lameness, and that he will develop more arthritis as he ages.

Essentially, he is going to “slow down” considerably quicker than many other dogs. He needs a chill life.

For his breed, for his size, and for his energy level this is a sad prognosis.

I have the option to move forward with the scope, but this is an invasive surgery that has a 1 in 3 chance of actually improving his mobility and comfort. And a 1 in 3 chance that it makes things worse.

I am just hoping to find others who may have had this done for their own dogs, who can give me some type of insight as to what kind of life he may be looking at, should we go through with the surgery.

I’d also like to find people with dogs who share similar health issues as mine, because I have not come across this kind of situation with previous dogs in my life. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, and I’m need of some kind of comraderie.

Thank you in advance, lovely folk.

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Not me, but a doctor I work with had the scope on both her pittie's elbows...after he'd had an FHO and before his bilateral TTA'S. He did remarkably well...even though she completely flaked on all his post op PT and recommended exercises..

He's still doing great at 13, albeit gimpy in the rear...but his elbows have done great. He has been her very active hiking companion this whole time.

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I have no experience with this but a coworker was just telling us that her elderly dog who couldn’t walk because of arthritis went to a animal chiropractor who greatly helped

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I noticed a limp with our lab at 4/5 month old. Turned out to be

a build up of cartilage (can’t seem to find the paperwork for exact name) but she had further imaging (MRI I think) to get better look at it. They did surgery and she is going to be 9yr this December. We have her on joint supplement everyday to try and help and Craprofen as needed for bad days.

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Having raised large fast growing breeds this can happen. Activity restriction. No jumping!! Treating discomfort with anti inflammatories and waiting. Frequently these self resolve by 1-1/2 to 2 years old. It will never be perfect and this dog should not be bred and pass this tendency along to pups.
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