My puppy is 7 months old, isn’t potty trained

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I need help!

My puppy is 7 months old, Chihuahua, Rottweiler, boxer mix, and she isn’t potty trained. We have tried everything from treats and puppy pads, to taking her out every 30 minutes.

She refuses to go on puppy pads. She will do it right in front of us.

When we smell the poop or see her pee and we say “CHOLE!” It seems like she knows what she did and runs to the door where she is let out.

She knows at least 5 commands and seems to learn things quick!

Idk what to do at this point. But our carpets are absolutely ruined.

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She is adorable! I can tell you from experience that if there is urine in the house she will never stop urinating in the house. First, you must NOT give her access to the entire house. Purchase “my pet peed” spray (it’s the best) and a black light. I spent a week spraying in the dark. Then it’s all about positive reinforcement training outside. Find a NEW high value treat. Only give it to her when she goes outside. You must also praise like a lunatic for a full 30 seconds the second she is done going. I promise you she does not do it out of spite.

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Reusable potty pads and OUT go here spray. Works like a charm!! in this picture she is 8 weeks old but the pad was in the puppy pen starting when the pups were 4 weeks old

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Is she crate trained? If not, I would start there. Crate her when she cant be supervised. Feeding her in a crate will help give positive experiences. You can also "attach" her to you with a leash so she has to follow you everywhere and she will always be supervised that way. Try to feed her on a strict time schedule. Eventually, she will poop on a schedule, you just have to be observant so you can figure out when that is.

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Set a timer for every half hour and take her outside every time. Give her high praises and treats when she pees or poops. Basically you have to force the opportunity for success.

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I agree with crate training for when you leave for a few hours during the day and over night. Small dogs are more prone to accidents … We adopted a 6 yr old Havanese That had been allowed to go wherever in the house. I found that walking her around the neighborhood, where she could smell all the outdoor smells got her excited to do “her thing” outside. She trained very quickly to prefer to go outside. Small dog small bladder. Out every couple hours on leash during the day then a bit after her dinner. Soon our pup told us when she wanted to go outside. We’ve been together almost 3 years she’s doing great! Best of luck
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