Removing old skirting boards

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Just curious, we have removed existing skirting boards and will be replacing with larger ones but we will have this gap underneath. I’m wondering if this will affect the flooring (which is that click clack laminate) at all given that we have taken away what it was ‘pressing’ up against.



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As long as the base of your new skirt is slightly wider than that gap you’re fine. Install the skirts on top of your floor. The gap will allow your floor to expand and contract.

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The skirting sit on top and cover the edge of the laminate. It has room to expand in winter and will not buckle. This s the correct way to lay. You need to make sure your new skirtings are wide enough to cover over the laminate

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Did you remove the skirting before or after the flooring had been laid. If you removed it after, yes, you may have problems with the flooring shifting. We had that problem while fixing a wall.

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