We've just moved into our new build, and the toilet is terrible

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Everything gets stuck, and I mean everything, even the tiniest amount of toilet paper. The drainage hole is teeny! How hard is it to replace a toilet (not me, a plumber) without cracking the tiles? Or do the tiles have to get pulled up as well and then we need a tiler to replace then?


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If it’s a new build, it should be covered under your building insurance

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Hopefully the waste isn’t full of gravel/concrete / construction rubbish.

Get a plumber out to throw a camera down and confirm.

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Dead simple to replace a toilet. If your bolt points are in the same place then it's a quick job. If not then yes those particular tiles would need to be taken up, but certainly not your whole floor.

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You don’t have to replace tiles. The plumber will replace and silicone round the edge, but it needs to be the right size toilet.get the plumber I. First. It’s prob a drain problem not the actual toilet. Plumber will know straight away

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The toilet can be replaced - the only issue would be if the new toilet had anchors that went into a different spot on the floor.

We had a similar issue with a toilet and just had it ripped up at the start of our reno. Turns out the previous owner didn’t by the right sized toilet - the offset from the wall for the waste pipe in rue slab was different to the offset to the toilet, so he used offset collar which meant the hole was the waste was reduced as the waste line now has a sharp bend at the connection with the toilet.

Get a plumber to check the lies with a camera and/or clear with an eel to see if it’s a restricted line that’s causing it and not the toilet.

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Easy to replace. Call a plumber first for a quote and get them to tell you what type of toilet, as there are different types and you don't want to have to move plumbing or change pipes.

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Had this problem & there was concrete in the drain. They had pierced it when pouring slab. Get a plumber to send camera down for a look. May not be toilet itself.

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