Kitchen tiled today

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Is this how it’s normally left ? I thought there would be some sort’ve edging to finish this off?

Jo ~

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I did ours myself and it looks better than that. So sorry I understand you must be very disappointed. Hoping you can get it sorted. Ps on a positive note the tiles do look beautiful xx

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Should be an aluminium angle on a cut edge… only thing with your subways though is that they have a wave so the angle could look quite noticeable with the lower sections of the tiles….

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That's a shocking job. I would be furious if they left it like this. It should be edged neatly.

Post by Mick »

Bit late for angle now I’d imagine well not without lot stuffing around but if you can get bit better and consistent grouting around that edge (and top) and than paint the edge it will look heaps better.
Best of luck

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It’s fine it just needs to be caulked. They’ll use paintable caulk which you can match with your wall colour. All these people saying they can do a better job themselves speak so much shit…

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