I’m keen to freshen my fireplace up

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I’m keen to freshen this fireplace up, and not sure if I should paint it or replace it entirely. Our house was a 90s build with a few random olden day features (we have a ceiling rose too). Would love some suggestions or pics of what others have done.


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It’s actually really stunning ! Keep it as is just needs to be lightened up ! Can you render brick in a fireplace ? I don’t even know but it would looks really nice with a beige render and then paint the timber a white

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I think it should tie in with the overall theme of your home … if it’s modern strip it back and get a modern surround something sleek maybe chunky … If you’re retaining the older features I’d strip the woodwork and lighten it up but I’d paint the bricks black to contrast against a lighter wood tone to make it pop

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If it’s a 90s build I’d rip out the ceiling rose and modernise the fireplace and remove the timber.. but it also depends on the style of the rest of the house and what you like!

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Fireplaces are tricky to renovate in terms of finding what you need at a reasonable price. Our non-working fireplace had a sandstone surround but we removed the sandstone. I looked into getting a stone surround, but they can range from 8k-20k, so I am getting one made up in plaster. My husband made the insert, and I painted it in chalk paint. The plaster Mould I am getting made is a copy of this stone fireplace I found online.


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