What is the general feel on the IKEA steam oven and normal air ovens?

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IKEA ovens? At this point in renovation I just want something that will fit the IKEA cupboards without much thought and hassle. What is the general feel on the IKEA steam oven and normal air ovens? Hard to find consistent reviews.

Photo for reference.


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I had one we renovated a kitchen in 2015 and it was great. Had the pyrolytic function.

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We have the steam and combi oven microwave. Both so good. I can’t recall who the manufacturer is. It’s a couple of the well-known ‘Aussie’ brands. The design team in syd told us but I forgot

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I love my IKEA oven and unlike even some of the more expensive brands they usually have a five year warranty.

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I’ve got the normal ikea oven. It’s as good as any other brand oven I’ve used. It’s hardly blowing my mind but it does what it’s meant to.

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We have the steam oven in this pic. It’s very advanced. We don’t use any of the fancy features as no one in the family wants to read the instructions…. No complaints though, it feels high end so thumbs up from me

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