Any tips on knocking out internal brick wall?

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We have bought a Federation Home.. 1950 I think.. it’s double brick.. we want to take out a wall between old bathroom and kitchen to make way for a new kitchen… any tips on knocking out internal brick wall?

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Ask yourself what would happen if you took a sledgehammer to the wall & then found out it was load bearing.. best to get a professional opinion before you start.

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Old houses roofs are pitched, not trussed. Some of your internal walls will be load bearing. Get a builder to have a look before you start. Have fun

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Yes! Get a qualified builder to check in your roof at the trusses to ensure it’s not load bearing.

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Australia became a Federation in 1900 so Federation homes were built between 1900-1910/1915. If your house is 50s then it's Mid-Century Modern.

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If it's not structural all it takes is a hammer and tools. It's best if you know the history of your house. Mine is 1960s however in the 80s all the house was gutted pretty much and it was extended. Cladding was installed and a new roof. Is there a neighbour near by that can help you? I honestly wouldn't have bought our home if it was completely fibro

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We have a solid cement brick home, post war era. My partner (a builder) used a big concrete saw to cut either side of where we wanted to open up the wall (both sides). Put down some tarps and yellow tongue for the bricks to fall on so they don’t damage your flooring. We also put LVL’s up in the ceiling for support before we cut & removed the walls.

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