Do you buy a Greenhouse or do you build one?

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For all in this great forum, Do you buy a Greenhouse or do you build one?

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Built ours. Couldn't afford to buy the one we wanted, so we designed, sourced and built it ourselves.

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Built one with leftovers and scrap from our whole house remodel.

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If you want to save money you can build one yourself, if you want to grow in the winter, I recommend buying one.

We built one 5 years ago from recycled old windows it grows great peppers, and tomatoes. but when winter comes in only kale... and cold hardy plants grow in there.


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Well, I bought two last year and both were destroyed by our high winds so next we are building a heavy-duty greenhouse. I exchanged emails with Growers Solutions and our best option is building our own.

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Both! Built our first 12x48 lean to on our home. Then several years later bought a free standing kit greenhouse. What a project!!! Wish we had built the second greenhouse from our own plans!

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I bought a Yoderbilt, but if I were doing it again, I would build instead. It would be easier to get the water and power, as well as gas. It would cost more, but not that much more.
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