Are their ideas to keep my greenhouse semi warm for the winter?

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Hello. I have a small 6x8 greenhouse with no electricity for heating and I am not comfortable with using any fuel. Are their ideas to keep it semi warm for the winter.

I don’t need loads of heat. I live in the north of England and we don’t really get sub zero temperatures but it will be cold with the odd frost.

I want to nurture some winter crops. Looking forward to some advise.

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All of your winter sun comes in from the south when you are very far north, so the windows on the other sides and top do nothing for you. You can block everything except the south-facing windows with layers of cardboard as insulation. It will help a lot with heat management.

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A layer of protective cover inside your greenhouse will add winter protection equal to 1.5 USDA Zones. (US measure. You are probably similar to USDA zone 8. )

This book is a wealth of information for greenhouse gardening in winter. Information about this begins on page 104.

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A compost barrel with a removable lid would passively heat it for 5-6 weeks. Fill the barrel a third full, add a slurry of fresh manure and water, just enough to wet the dry carbon: wood shavings, grass clipping or dried leaves. The barrel material should be pressed down slightly but not packed. I added a old ShopVac hose from the top of the lid to the outside and attached it to a 3/4" piece of pvc with air holes drilled in it. Plumbing outside is for two reasons: fresh air and not having to smell the manure.

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I have the same size here i plan on using a small wood stove and wrap the chimney with 3/16 copper pipe run this to 1/2 pex in the floor...gravity circulates..i use scrap wood and call a caboose fuel/carbon zero..fuel/elec too expensive.
I ran the pex under slate on the floor

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I'm trying an e pediment this year. I will have two active compost barrels in the greenhouse. I know my haybales get up to 170 degrees when they are composting. If I can get to 120 with the barrels, I'm thinking it'll work. We shall see.

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Black containers will absorb the sun's heat and radiate it all night. My father used bunnies had row of cages ong back wall they have body temp above 100.

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Place a compost pile inside the heat from the compost will heat your green house

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An electric heater will be convenient if it doesn’t flip your breaker. They draw a lot of wattage. When you say sub-zero, you are talking Celsius degrees, right? Celsius Zero is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, freezing, here. We, SE TX, average in the 40s, with some light freezes, occasional hard freezes. One heater would keep it above freezing here if it is sitting flat on ground or other foundation, which absorbs heat during the day. Hope this helps.
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