Should I have my potted plants off the ground for winter?

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1st year green houser here, and I have a question…

Should I have my potted plants off the ground for winter? I’ve got a dwarf banana and a meyer lemon.

Was thinking since heat rises. Or maybe put them up against the thermal mass water tanks?

Suggestions please?

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I watched a video the other day, a guy in Virginia(?) Grows all kinds of citrus and other warm climate plants in the ground. He says, put a black water barrel next to the plant and cover with a sheet during the cold snaps, according to him his do just fine and even set fruit at this time. I just looked up growing citrus in cold climates on google

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Depends on your zone. In Wyoming EVERYTHING I want to save comes in to the heated greenhouse as the free standing GH goes in to deep freeze mode.

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January and February everything will be the same temperature as outside unless you heat your thermal mass with something other than sun

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Don’t forget to mulch all your pots heavily!

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I find having ground contact helps prevent freezing by helping insulate the roots.
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