I have a few questions about greenhouse temperature and humidity

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Hi guys.. Thank you for letting me join the forum. I have a few questions about greenhouse temperature and humidity, and what I really need for a greenhouse. I'm thinking on buy one to start my collection of orchids again.

I always had orchids since I was 12 years old and here in USA is being somewhat hard to keep the temperature normal to grow orchids. Right now I have a few orchids but is not the same when I was in Puerto Rico, Any tips and tricks will help me so much.

I live in Fayetteville NC.

I apologize if my English is not that great.

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The biggest orchid farm in world is in Middletown ny.. it can be done your advantage is ground water is 65 f year-round thier .. so nice koi pond with water going through will give heat at night ... 2-5 gpm ... look in to heated driveway.. put that in pad .. thier are lighter duty ones for bathroom...

Insulation under pad.. in summer , have trellis or something to shade.. , in florida they use shade cloth out side.. may have to move in and out out for summer in in winter .. , or make pannel that can be removed. Some locations use cooling wall ... Ferro cement is water proof I like 3 Portland to 4 sand .. good luck many ways to do it , yes lots of random information, and little homework...

good luck

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We’ll need to know what area of the US you are presently living in. The US spans a huge range of climates and temperatures, with some areas rarely freezing in winter to others that reach -30 °F.

In most of the country, a greenhouse would still require artificial heat in winter for orchids.
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