I’m planning a trip to Cambodia and have a tons of questions

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CAMBODIA questions..

Hi everyone, I’m planning a trip to Cambodia and have a tons of questions. Thank you for reading and answering.

1. How much time should we spend in Cambodia to cover everything? 2 weeks or 1 month?

2. Are there ATMs in Cambodia? Will they give you USD or local currency? 

3. Do you mind sharing your itinerary in Cambodia? What places did you visit?

4. If I’m travelling from Ho Chi Minh city, do I get visa at the border or should I apply evisa online?

5. I plan to visit in October but they say dry season starts in November. How bad is October when it comes to raining?

6. What shocks you the most about Cambodia? Anything to be mindful about?

Thank you all!

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I found a month not enough. Take the slow boat from Siem Reap to Battambang and you see the floating villages.

I went up to Kratie which I also liked. Lucky to to see the dolphins there.

Most ATMs dispense US dollars which you pay and get the change in Riel. I used local currency to pay Tuk Tuks, tipping, small items of shopping and toilet fees.

Make sure you change any Riel before leaving as it’s a closed currency and you can’t change it outside the country.

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1) 2 weeks is enough.
2) there are atms and they give local currency. Best bring dollars in small bills as its also used.
3) basically its siem reap-phnom penh- kampot-koh rong- battambang- siem reap
4) can’t help you there. I flew in.
5) i came in around octo but it was mostly dry. Out of my 2 weeks, it only rained 3 times in the P.M.
6) Do not leave cambodia without visiting the s21 prison and the killing fields. Sometimes humanity needs to educate itself on why we need to be good people.

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hey, I got a bus with giant ibis transport from ho chi minh to phnom penh, it stops at the border for everyone to get a visa on arrival, it’s a really quick process, no need to get a visa in advance
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