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Hi there, My partner and I are travelling into Bangkok from the UK on 1st November. We plan on spending around 15 days in Thailand, then want to travel to Luang Prabang from Chiang Mai. Potentially on the slow boat.

Visa requirements state needing proof of travel departure from country within the 30 days to be shown on arrival to Thailand. How would you recommend we show this proof - as I have read if we are getting the slow boat, its best to get those tickets from the docks it leaves from (in our case, Chiang Mai).

Seems to be the case for Laos too and feels a bit restrictive having to have all our departures from each country planned out on arrival - would be great to know how you guys get around this?

Thanks so much

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As of 1st October 2022 thai government will grant 45days travel..instead of the 30day rule ..

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I didn’t get asked for proof of departure when I arrived in Bangkok. I was just asked how many days I was staying and that was that. I crossed the border to Laos to get the slow boat and also wasn’t asked anything. Can’t guarantee it will be the same for you but I couldn’t have proved anything as I was travelling in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and back to Thailand and only had 4 nights accommodation booked.

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I’m confused, what are you getting a visa for when the UK can travel to thailand visa free?
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