Vietnam visa overstay question

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Hi team, please can I have some advice. I would like to stay on in Vietnam for about 4 days longer than my visa allows.

I emailed the e-visa office and had a very polite email saying that sadly e-visas can’t be extended, and that I should leave the country & re enter on a new visa .

Not very keen on that plan. What happens if I overstay by a few days? How big is the fine, and are there any other consequences? Not keen on being deported back to NZ either …!

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No one will deport you if you have a ticket. But you can pay fine and get rejected entry next time. Just look at immigration site there should be all pointed. 4 days is not long. I overstay in EU for 4 days and nothing anyone say. But in EU is many fly shifted and so on, may be they didn't care or just didn't tell anything. In Thailand it is 500Bath a day of overstaying if I remember it correct. If it is not lont you just pay ands all sabay sabay

Post by Ana » can fix it in Hanoi, but take AGES and they will try to convence you that is not posible to do it yourself but only with agency, and they will give you the card of a friend s agency who do a friking scam...and I don't like thr idea of leavr my passport to a "agency" who already proved is not honest...

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One if our friends who has travelled extensively in Vietnam, very recently overstayed by a few days..

And as he tried flying out, he was stopped..

Arrested and spent time in a police cell..

He did eventually get out by paying a nice end of cash, escorted to airport and now is banned from entering Vietnam for 3yrs...

Now his is definitely an extreme case..

You make your decisions and except the consequences uf things go against you..

Our friend has spent many years travelling and gigging in Vietnam...
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