Heading out to BKK on the 11th October and arrive on the 12th October

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Is it best to get a hotel for one night to catch up on jet lag or get straight into a hostel (can anyone recommend any good ones).

If anyone fancies meeting up etc, it's also my birthday on the 13th of October if anyone fancies a good drink!

Either comment or message, whatever is easiest / preferred.

Post by Linda »

I recommend Lamphuhouse. It’s in a nice quiet area (still lots within walking distance) and it’s a hotel but with a large common area.

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Staying in a hotel first night sorted me out personally as the flight to Bangkok wasn’t good. Went into hostels after that and just went to cheap hotels as and when I was a bit burnt out. Here hostel and bed station were both decent in Bangkok

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Hey mate I also arrive 12th, plan on spending around 5 months travelling round Southeast Asia :)) not sure about what’s best for hotel/hostel but I’m hoping to get some sleep on the plane cos I’m going straight to a hostel.. if you wanna meet up once we’re there hmu!
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