Due to hurricane Ian

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To reschedule or not: I am traveling to Peru on Friday, with a layover in Miami. We are scheduled to land in Miami around 11 Friday morning.  

Due to hurricane Ian, we have been given the option of rescheduling our flight to have a layover somewhere else. The catch is that the next best option has us landing in Lima early the next morning, instead of Friday afternoon.

We didn't have any major plans for our first day in Lima since so many flights are delayed, but still would miss out on 1 or 2 things we were hoping to do. Even if our flight from Miami gets delayed by 5 or 6 hours, we'll still get there earlier than we would if we switched flights now.

Is there anyone with more airline/weather knowledge than me who has a recommendation - reschedule to the flight that gets us in next day, or take the risk and stick with the Miami layover?


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You should not change your plan from Miami. I live in south Florida, we did not get the brunt of this storm and Miami airport is open. I know someone who flew in today so Friday would be no issue

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I would keep it as is. As far as I’ve seen, Miami hasn’t even closed the airport currently with the Hurricane hitting. Miami is far enough out of the way on this Hurricane and by Friday should be alright as the Hurricane should be up in the Carolina’s by then based on current trajectories. Worst case, you get delayed a few hours like you said or end up taking the other flight anyway. Safe travels!

Post by Susan »

Reschedule - there are many other issues at play including air traffic control issues. You run the risk of the flight being canceled completely more than you risk any significant delay through Miami. The other option has a much higher chance of not entirely derailing your trip.

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Don't go through Miami. You could risk having your flight straight up cancelled last minute. We only did one day in Lima and still got in a ton. Peru is too beautiful to risk it

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While Miami isn’t in the direct line, it is still a borderline category 4/category 5 that will be going through tonight and into tomorrow. A lot of flights will have to route around that which will cause massive delays. Take your layover elsewhere and at least ensure a better chance of getting to Peru.

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If it were me, I would probably take my chances on Miami. I am about 40 miles north of Miami on the East Coast and though it’s very windy, the rain has really stopped and it’s much brighter today than it was yesterday. We’re forecast for more rain today but it’s diminishing. I would think that by Friday things in this part of Florida would be relatively normal. If Friday, even with delays, would get you there sooner. I’d go for it.

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I live in Fort Lauderdale and we are barely experiences any wind or rain - the storm will be completely gone by Friday and the airport should not be affected - I recommend staying your original course.
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