How do I find a list of countries that have time zones the same or near USA time zones?

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I want to travel to one of these countries while maintaining time zones so I can work remotely for my US-based company.

Also, what are good ways of parking/leaving your car while flying away when you don't have a house? I have been living out of airbnbs and my car for a year now as a nomad in USA. I'm thinking park in Target/Walmart then Uber/Lyft to the airport? I feel I probably can't be gone for more than 2 weeks or the car will need a jump start.

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Cars get towed after about 48 hours at Walmart and target.

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You just drive to the airport and park your car in a designated lot. Most airports have long term parking options.

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I don't think leaving your car in a parking lot is a good idea. It will likely be towed. You can find sites where people rent driveway and street parking spaces at their homes like Airbnb for your car.

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You can look up time zone map, probably the easiest way.

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Well Google would be a good place to start. But your are going to be limited to North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. Throw in Hawaii what the heck.

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Your car will be towed. Pay for a parking spot somewhere safer.

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You just need to stay in this hemisphere. Any country in North or South America should be fine for time zones

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For time zones, look at countries directly north or south of where you are (Canada, Central and Sout America). The further east or west you go, the more different the timezones. We are in Bali (Indonesia) right now and it's 12 hrs different from US east coast ( a real pain in the ass).

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Google “countries with us time zones”, simple.
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