What do zig zag lines in the road mean?

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So does anyone know what these squiggly lines on the road mean. I see them everywhere except the US and nobody can seem to give me a straight answer.

Also while we are at it, why do some green lights in Canada flash and others stay solid.


Post by Rachel »

Flashing green light is an “advance green”…akin to an advanced left turn, except everyone in the same direction can go.

You’ll find it mostly at busy intersections.

Post by Marta »

From what I can see the photo was taken in Kraków, Poland? Those lines mark bus / tram stops. So definitely no parking there at any times but also it's a warning for drivers when they see a tram approaching to slow down and eventually stop because passengers will be coming on and off the tram in that area.

Post by Jeff »

In Canada, flashing green is the same as a left turn signal. Once it’s solid, traffic facing you can start to move.

Post by Naveen »

White zigzags are commonly found either side of pedestrian crossings. They are designed to indicate that parking and overtaking in these zones is strictly prohibited.

Post by Marie-claude »

Sometimes it will be hard to turn left on a busy intersection cuz so much traffic coming from the opposite side. So the flash green for you to turn left while the others are stoped on the other side. So when it stop flashing then you have to wait for them to go before you can turn. You don’t have priority anymore. It’s called “priority green light”

Post by Marisa »

That’s how you’re supposed to run when an alligator 🐊 is chasing you. :D :D :D

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How do you expect a “straight” answer for a “squiggly” question? :D :D :D
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