I'm interested in wildlife, areas of natural beauty, partying, trying new foods, and excursions in general

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Okay, so I've never solo travelled before and I've just booked a return flight for 5 weeks in South America. I have absoultely no plan, so need some inspiration on what to do!

I'll be landing in Quito, Ecuador and then travelling down to Peru by bus. I'm thinking of doing volunteer work for wildlife conservation when arriving in Ecuador, and in Peru I plan on going to Machu Picchu before I leave, and I'll probably stay in Lima for a bit. I'll be staying in hostels, and I'm hoping to meet other travelers.

I'm interested in wildlife, areas of natural beauty, partying, trying new foods, and excursions in general. Any suggestions?

Places to stop between Quito and Lima are welcomed. Not sure I want to do the full 30 hour bus ride in one trip!

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There is a place near Cuenca in Ecuador called Amaru Bioparque Cuenca. They rescue wild animals in danger and take care of them. There is a trail in the park which enables visitors to see them. It's one of my favourite places in Ecuador. Have a look on their website and see if it appeals to you.

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Visit Pacaya-Samiria Natural Reserve in Loreto with the local community in Lagunas to see wildlife in the jungle.
Other stops
Quito, Baños, Quilotoa, Chimborazo, Cuenca, Loja.
Mancora - Piura, Trujillo, Cajamarca, Chachapoyas, Huaraz, Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Puno, Cusco.
About volunteerings there are many options in Ecuador and Peru, I have some contacts if you want to find some projects along the route.
Workaway and Couchsurfing work very well in both countries.

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Nice plan! Ecuador and Peru are beautiful countries. Keep in mind that (especially in Peru) the travel distances are long and take a lot of time! It really depends on where you're up to, nature/culture/beaches. We described destinations in Ecuador on our website inclusive transport information. We're now in Peru so that information is coming online in the next weeks.

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If you are into nature I’d recommend you to spend as little time in Quito and Lima as possible. Places in between include the Quilotoa loop, banos, quenca, huaraz/cordillera blanca.

Alternative to Puerto Maldonado is Iquitos which people usually love (I haven’t been myself so I can’t comment)

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If you’re into wildlife, we really loved the Amazon Shelter in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. You can take a night bus from Cusco to get there. It’s a wild animal rehabilitation and release centre, where you take care of animals. I don’t remember how much we paid per day, but all the money goes to the food and medication for the animals.
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