Google Penalized my 3 years old money making website

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I waited 4 months to get recover but it did not get up since then..

So I have decided to move my content to a brand new domain, what are your suggestions? any tips or things that I should Keep in mind are welcome..


Post by Rehan »

Before moving content to new site, deindex/remove your current site urls from google index using GSC

Post by Muhammad »

The problem is YMYL content. Google is becoming increasingly strict about such content.
Google demands expertise on such content.

Therefore, if you are not expert on such content try hiring experts authors and make a specific page about WHO ARE THE AUTHORS OF YOUR SITE.

Google respects these practices.

Post by David »

If you were to swap the website and content over to a new domain with no back links re directing,would google treat this as a domain swap rather than a new site and also penalise the new domain? Is that possible?

Post by Robin »

How long after you determinated your old site do you wait until you put up the copied content. Your interested, good luck.

Post by David »

I did a redirect to a new domain (that had a more competitive keyword)

It took a massive hit at first then it just exploded in organic
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