I have some questions, perhaps you can help me with those?

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I run a long-form information-only psychology site. Let's call this the parent site. Now I am thinking of launching one very specific niche application of psychology and dedicating a site to it. I have some questions, perhaps you can help me with those?

1. Is it OK if the niche site has more than 60% outgoing links to the parent site? Will this hurt any of the 2 sites? I estimate 5-15 links to the parent site per article because I've written extensively about the sources and references on the parent site.

2. The niche site will have 2 or 3 4000-word pillar articles outlining the application and then about 15 supporting articles. Is this a fair method for niche that is basically "Psychology applied to XYZ domain".

The goal is purely information and not a PBN or backlink strategy.

Background: I'm a domain expert in both areas, there is no team, both are hosted on my VPS pointing to the same VPS IP address. I'm okay to openly say I own and run both sites on both sites.

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Avoid linking to main site. Your intention might be good but this is not the right way until you become an authority site. Any one of these site might get affected and you don't want your main website to get affected.

All you can do is build as many sub-site as you want but just don't interlink them and keep them on different servers or different IPs on same server.

This is not a rule but is to safeguard your business.

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I dont think it's ideal SEO-wise. But depends on what you need out of the site. Like if the second site is to be a part of your income generation, I would work around that issue. But if it's more for content value and reader retention then maybe it's not so bad? You need better advise than mine on this though, preferably someone who has seen what google does to this example specifically. My guess is the first site won't be effected much, but the second site will be hampered in SEO power.
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